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To Gordon Kelly, the meaning of life is quite simple. It's about relationships.

Gordon loves to capture the stories of life in photos. He is known for his easygoing personality and a sense of humor that puts his subjects at ease. With little to no advertising, Gordon has gained quite a following through word of mouth.

Among his many accolades, Gordon has received the prestigious Kodak Gallery Elite Award- one of the most coveted honors in his profession. He has also been named Photographer of the Year in consecutive years by the Professional Photographers of Santa Clara Valley. Gordon's images have appeared on magazine covers, books, brochures and music CD's. He also had his work displayed at The Epcot Center in Orlando.

Gordon opened for business in 1988. At a time when new "professional" photographers are popping up (and going out of business) at a record pace, there is something to be said for someone who has stood the test of time. 25+ years of experience and experiences set him apart from many of today's photographers.

Gordon enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and their wonderful son. Eating BBQ, movie theater popcorn, ice cream and cheering on the 49ers, A's, Sharks, Warriors and Stanford are among his favorite pastimes.